Addiction Services

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Acacia Network and our affiliates provide integrated, trauma-informed addiction and substance use treatment programs to individuals of all ages throughout New York City and in Upstate New York.

Our mission is to address dependency and substance use disorders at any stage of clinical or behavioral thresholds, with a focus on integration of resources and harm reductions. Our protocols are continuously evolving and evidence-based, while providing individualized treatment options depending on the needs and demands of each individual and their circumstances.

Our holistic approach focuses on wellness and treating the whole individual, with robust treatment options that include: Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT); Residential Programs for Adults and Youth; Opioid Treatment Programs (OTPs); Chemical Dependency Outpatient Programs (CDOPs); Detox and Rehab, as well as various Grant-Based Programs.

In addition to our addiction services and treatment, Acacia Network is actively engaged in City and State-wide efforts to curb the opioid epidemic. To learn more about our Opioid Response, CLICK HERE!

Outpatient Mental Health Clinic

Acacia Network and its affiliate, ACDP, provide a full range of behavioral health services for individuals of all ages through their Outpatient Mental Health Clinic, fully licensed by the New York State Office of Mental Health (NYSOMH). We serve children ages 5 and older, youth and adults.

Location: 3940 Broadway, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10032
Phone: (212)781-5500

Chemical Dependency Outpatient Programs (CDOPs)

Acacia Network’s Chemical Dependency Outpatient Programs (CDOPs) provide integrated, culturally responsive services to help adults and teens overcome addiction. We provide the following services across six locations in New York State: Treatment for Chemical and Alcohol Dependency; Individual & Group Counseling; Family Counseling; Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT); Relapse Prevention; Primary Care & Mental Health Services; Gender-Specific Groups, and more.

• Promesa CDOP (Bronx): (718) 960-7599 | (347) 649-3011
• Ramon Velez Recovery Center (Bronx): (347) 352-2435 | (347) 352-2564
• Julio Martinez / El Regreso Inc (Brooklyn): (718) 782-6802
• Carlos Pagan CDOP (Brooklyn): (917) 806-0277
• Camino Nuevo (Albany): (518) 729-5659
• Alba de Vida Outpatient Program (Buffalo): (716) 768-4040

BASICS Personalized Recovery Oriented Services (PROS)

BASICS PROS is an integrated program that facilitates supportive recovery for adults ages 18+ through psychiatric rehabilitation and by instilling basic living skills to achieve life goals, remove mental health barriers, master new wellness and self-management skills, and foster community inclusion. We provide: Individual Psychotherapy; Group Counseling; Psychiatric Evaluations; Medication Management; Crisis Intervention; Referrals to Primary Care and Other Services; Specialized Groups, and More!

Location: 915 Westchester Ave., Bronx, NY 10457
Phone: (646) 224-9300

Residential Substance Use Treatment for Men Ages 18+

We offer residential programs for adult men seeking treatment for a substance use disorder. Our programs are fully licensed by the New York State Office of Addiction Services & Supports (OASAS), and offer integrated, culturally-responsive services, including: Individual & Group Counseling; Mental Health Services; Referrals to Primary Care; Referrals for Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT); Aftercare Referrals; Educational & Vocational Services; Benefits Enrollment, and more.


1064 Franklin Avenue
Bronx, NY 10456
Contact: (718)764-1521

El Regreso Inc.
834 E 156th St.
Bronx, NY 10455
Contact: (347) 527-3167

Residential Substance Use Treatment for Women (With or Without Children)

We offer residential programs for adult women seeking treatment for a substance use disorder. We accept pregnant women, mothers with children, mothers working to regain supervision of their children, and/or women not currently parenting. We also accept women who are homeless or who are at risk of becoming homeless. Our programs, which are fully licensed by the New York State Office of Addiction Services and Supports (OASAS), are typically 6-12 months.


Lorraine Montenegro
773 Prospect Ave.
Bronx, NY 10455
Tel: (718)292-9808

El Regreso Inc.
141 South 3rd St.
Brooklyn, NY 11211
Tel: (718)384-6400

La Casita III
1006 East 151st St.
Bronx, NY 10455
Tel: (718)742-0082

435 East 119th St.
New York, NY 10035
Tel: (212)360-4002

Residential Substance Use Treatment for Young Men Ages 14-20

Promesa RRSY is an Intensive Residential Treatment Program for young men between the ages of 14 through 20. Our integrated clinical approach, which incorporates a Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Phase System, supports young men in their journey to recovery. We help youth achieve positive, lasting change through our proven & innovative Promesa Phase System, which equips patients to handle life challenges, manage emotions, and navigate relationships. CLICK HERE to learn more!

Phone: (718) 960-7599 | (718) 530-4572 | (718) 960-1558 | (929) 487-8298

Detox and Rehab

Our Amanecer Detox/Rehab Recovery Center specializes in addressing opioid and alcohol dependence. We provide integrated addiction rehabilitation services that include: Detoxification, Rehabilitation, Counseling, Health Education, Psychiatric Evaluation, HIV Counseling & Testing, and more. We have immediate availability and accept walk-ins!

Location: 1776 Clay Avenue, Bronx, NY 10457
Phone: (718) 960-7580