Journey to Immunity

Recognizing that vaccine hesitancy has been prevalent among the communities we serve, particularly Latinx/Hispanic and African American/Black households, Acacia Network has conducted robust public education & awareness efforts utilizing various tools and mediums, including targeted outreach to our clients, distribution of print & digital marketing materials, social media campaigns, among other strategies.

Our “Journey to Immunity” vaccine outreach campaign, developed in partnership with the Loisaida Inc. Media & Technology Center, features a series of multilingual public service announcements (PSAs) that spread awareness about COVID-19 and promote vaccine uptake in these hard-to-reach communities, while dispelling myths and misconceptions among those experiencing high rates of hesitancy.


Episode 10: Quest for Immunity Trilogy – Part 3

Episode 9: Quest for Immunity Trilogy – Part 2

Episode 8: Quest to Immunity Trilogy – Part 1

Episode 7: New Year Resolutions

Episode 6: 90s Infomercial

Episode 5: La Trulla

Episode 4: The Great Debate

Episode 3: Halloween

Episode 2: Soccer Mom

Episode 1: La Tía

Campaign Trailer