Puerto Rico

Acacia Network’s history and that of its earliest affiliates is deeply rooted in the transformative work of Bronx-based Puerto Rican pioneers, who made important contributions to the fields of behavioral health and addiction services, particularly in underserved Latinx populations.

Throughout our 50+ year trajectory, we have remained close to our Puerto Rican roots, both through initiatives involving the diaspora in the mainland U.S., as well as targeted efforts to support organizations on the ground in Puerto Rico to help underserved communities across the island, particularly those most impacted by natural disasters and the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2012, we expanded our footprint to the island of Puerto Rico through the development of an affordable housing project for seniors, which enabled us to become further rooted in the community. We expanded our presence to include emergency relief following Hurricane Maria, the subsequent earthquakes, and the COVID-19 pandemic.


Our Impact in Puerto Rico

Affordable Housing: We provide 100+ units of affordable, green housing for vulnerable individuals through two primary developments: Palacio Dorado, an Energy Star-certified, affordable housing complex in Toa Alta that serves 100+ seniors; and our Resilient Prototype Home, a project in Caguas that will provide long-term sustainable, green, and resilient housing for two (2) low-moderate income families.

Workforce Development: Acacia Network is part of a multisector effort to develop the Puerto Rico Centro de Artes y Tecnología Corp. (PRCAT), established in 2018 to address deteriorating education and employment trends on the island, including a visual arts training program for at-risk youth and a career training program for adults-in-transition. PRCAT is working with the National Center of Arts and Technology to open a CAT in San Juan by 2022.

Relief Efforts: Acacia works with local partners to provide humanitarian aid on the ground in the communities most in need of resources, ensuring that our efforts strategically align with real needs. In 2020, we continued to solidify our presence in Puerto Rico through our earthquake relief efforts, which included visits to underserved communities to carry out wellness initiatives and provide essential supplies & equipment. Our efforts then pivoted to COVID-19 relief, as the pandemic further exacerbated health and economic disparities across the Island. Our COVID-19 efforts have included collaborative initiatives to conduct meal deliveries to 20,000+ households, as well as COVID-19 vaccination efforts. In addition, between 2020-2021, our FERIARTE Health Fairs have reached over 5,000 individuals across 17 municipalities.

In our efforts to provide immediate financial assistance to the victims of natural disasters, including Hurricanes Irma and Maria, in Puerto Rico and other Caribbean islands, Acacia Network established Ayuda Puerto Rico, Inc., a 501(c)(3) Not-for-Profit organized under Section 402 of the NYS NFP Corporation Law. Through this nonprofit arm, and in collaboration with local experts and partners, we expanded our reach to many more collaborators and have been working to provide direct aid to individuals and families in underserved communities throughout the island.

Our Impact:

Puerto Rico Impact One-Pager

2018-2019 Ayuda Puerto Rico Report

2017 Intro Letter

We appreciate the support of our donors, partners, collaborators, and other supporters!

Our Partners:

  • Banco Popular
  • Fundación Banco Popular
  • ERS Consulting
  • Executive Home Search
  • Enlace Técnico
  • Young and de la Sota Architects
  • R4 Capital
  • EcoBuilders
  • Municipality of Toa Alta
  • Municipality of Caguas
  • Marvel & Marchand Architects
  • Sistema de Salud Menonita
  • Mesón del Amor
  • Ministerio Marc
  • Esperanza para la Vejez
  • Puerto Rico Salud
  • Banco Popular
  • Fundación Banco Popular
  • ERS Consulting
  • Executive Home Search
  • Enlace Técnico
  • Young and de la Sota Architects
  • R4 Capital
  • EcoBuilders
  • Municipality of Toa Alta
  • Municipality of Caguas
  • Marvel & Marchand Architects
  • Manchester Bidwell Corporation
  • Mezcolanza
  • Stagg Group
  • Sterling National Bank
  • Estudios Tecnicos
  • Connecting Paths
  • Plataforma EJE
  • Proyecto Salud y Acupuntura para el Pueblo
  • Colegio de Profesionales de la Enfermería de PR
  • Salud Integral en la Montaña (SIM)
  • Corporación SANOS
  • Equality Clinic
  • BronxCare Health System
  • Jonathan Rose Companies
  • Loisaida Center
  • Phipps Houses
  • Platinum Care
  • R4 Capital
  • Executive Home Search
  • Eliezer Collazo CIC Construction Group SE

Our Collaborators:

  • Boys and Girls Clubs of Puerto Rico
  • Brigada Rafaga Solidaria- Helen Ceballos
  • Casa Pueblo de Adjuntas
  • Caguas Court Yard Senior Housing
  • El Caño Martin Peña
  • DHL
  • Fundación Ecologica Educativa, Inc.
  • HealthProMed
  • Iglesia Discípulos de Cristo Metropolitana
  • Jose Santiago Inc.
  • Municipality of Toa Alta
  • Parroquia del Espíritu Santo, Toa Baja
  • So Lite
  • Maribel Delgado
  • Beatriz Aybar
  • Tres estudiantes de la Escuela Trina Padilla
  • Lourdes Carrasquillo
  • Alejandro Cirilo
  • Fidel Viera Escalona
  • Valerie Antares
  • Carlos Vega
  • Andrea Monroy
  • Pedro Leopoldo Sánchez Tormes
  • Yaraní del Valle
  • Los violines de Marquitos
  • Iris Chacón
  • Helen Ceballos
  • Pablo Benson
  • Kamila Sánchez dibujante
  • Kairiana Núñez Santaliz
  • Blanca Rovira Burset
  • Mickey Negrón
  • Maidelise Rios
  • Luis Bonnet
  • Julián Bonnet
  • Ángela Cuello
  • Cándida Viñas
  • Hilda Guerrero
  • Lio Villahermosa
  • Jose Eugenio Hernández
  • Christian Nieves
  • Lizbeth Román
  • Sharleen Otero