Homeless Shelters

Acacia Network is one of the largest providers of transitional housing in New York City, providing an array of resources to individuals and families in more than 50 shelters across the City, including one-on-one case management with social workers, access to primary and behavioral care, employment assistance, among other services.

Acacia Network Housing (ANH) –the Acacia division dedicated to homeless services– serves over 7,000 individuals across our transitional housing portfolio, including 2,500 families with children and 2,000 single adults. This is equivalent to roughly 13% –or 1 in 8– of all individuals served through the New York City shelter system.

Our integrated care model ensures that individuals and families served through our shelters are able to benefit from our full continuum of services, including Outpatient Integrated Services, Primary Care, Mental Health Services, Addiction and Substance Use Treatment, Residential Care, Arts & Culture Workshops, among other resources. Our goal is to help individuals and families regain stability so they can secure permanent, affordable housing, and achieve personal quality-of-life goals.