Senior Administration

Office of the CEO & President

Lymaris Albors

Raul Russi

Melany Compres
Director of Operations for the CEO & President

Communications, Development & Intergovernmental Affairs

Gabriela González
AVP of Communications & Development

Performance Improvement & Quality

Honey Brito
VP of Network Performance Management

Office of Legal Affairs

Jose Rodriguez, Esq.
Chief Legal Officer

Giamara Rosado, Esq.
SVP & Executive Deputy Counsel

Caroline Morales, Esq.
Compliance Officer

Finance & Billing

Vicky Gatell
Chief Financial Officer

Steve Kadin
EVP of Finance

Kevin Heslop
VP of Finance

Administrative Services

Maria del Carmen Arroyo
Chief Administrative Officer

Katrina Jones
SVP Human Resources & Talent Management

Eddie Kocovic
AVP of Information Technology (IT)

Edith Turnbull
Director of Procurement

Housing, Facilities, and Homeless Services

Luis Carlos Fernandez-Trinchet
Chief Housing Officer

Anne-Marie Hendrickson
SVP of Affordable Housing

Lorraine Coleman
SVP of Development Policy & Planning

Jesus Pedrosa, Jr.
SVP of Facilities Management & Capital Projects

Alfredo Matthews
SVP of Transitional Housing

Jessica McGhee
VP Transitional Housing

Amarilis Soler
VP Transitional Housing

Supportive Housing & Social Services

Talanda Jackson-Franklin
VP of Social Services

Primary Care, Health Centers & Skilled Nursing

David Collymore, MD
Chief Medical Officer / SVP of Clinical Affairs

Lauren Mendenhall
Executive Director, La Casa de Salud

Kalani Butts
Licensed Administrator, Casa Promesa Skilled Nursing Facility

Behavioral Health, Addiction & Crisis Services

Angela Mamelka
VP of Behavioral Health

Yurilka Hernandez
AVP of Care Coordination & Crisis Services

Daycare, Education & Youth Development

Soledad Hiciano
VP of Education / Executive Director, ACDP

Workforce & Economic Development

Keith Rasmussen
Executive Director, Seedco

Arts & Culture

Angel Santini
VP of Special Projects, Events & Cultural Programs

Alejandro Epifanio Torres
Executive Director, Loisaida Inc.

Upstate / Western New York Affiliates

David Rodriguez, Esq.
Executive Director, Hispanos Unidos de Buffalo (HUB)

Micky Jimenez
Executive Director, Capital Region

Elisa Morales
Executive Director, La Liga