Upstate New York

Acacia Network’s footprint in Upstate New York has continued to expand through the integrated health, housing, and social services provided by our primary upstate affiliates, Hispanos Unidos de Buffalo (HUB), La Liga, and Capital District LATINOS (CDL).

Hispanos Unidos de Buffalo (HUB)

Hispanos Unidos de Buffalo (HUB) is a nonprofit organization based in Buffalo, New York, providing integrated care and social services to underserved communities –predominantly Hispanic/Latino and African American– in the Upstate Region. Founded in 1989, HUB’s mission has expanded to enable residents in urban settings to become self-sufficient citizens who contribute to the quality of life in their communities.

HUB and its affiliate organizations operate comprehensive health, housing, and social services programs, including: affordable and supportive housing; primary and subspecialty medical care, mental health and substance use treatment; HIV services; Health Home services; nutritional, educational and vocational services, as well as preventive services to keep children out of foster care and domestic violence survivor services. HUB became an affiliate of Acacia Network in 2012.

Among other programs, HUB currently provides the following services to the local community:

  • Health Home Program, which helps approximately 600 clients in the Western New York area to manage their healthcare and wellness;
  • Domestic and Family Violence Program, which provides hands on assistance and integrated services to clients impacted by family violence;
  • Family Preventive Services, providing case management services to families and children;
  • Senior Services, which provide culturally responsive social services to older adults, as well as referrals, advocacy, transportation to and from homes, counseling, and more;
  • Food Pantry, which distributes groceries and meals to individuals and families in need;
  • Housing Programs, which serve low-income individuals and families and provide wrap-around services and/or case management;
  • Integrated Primary Care, Behavioral Health, and Addiction Services, which improve the physical and mental health outcomes for individuals of all ages, while helping those struggling with addiction to achieve and maintain recovery.

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La Liga (Spanish Action League)

Since 1969, La Liga, also known as the Spanish Action League, has worked to bridge the cultural and experiential gap for underserved communities, including the Latino population, in the Syracuse area by providing access to economic development and education programs, in addition to housing, family support, and language services, among other resources. La Liga has been an affiliate of Acacia Network since 2018.

Among other initiatives, La Liga’s work focuses on the following programmatic areas:

  • Health & Wellness, serving individuals and families who need help navigating various health systems, as well as domestic and sexual violence victims who are seeking safety;
  • Career & Financial Literacy Services, helping clients to obtain and maintain a source of employment that will meet their needs, and providing basic financial counseling;
  • Youth Leadership and Development Services, helping children and youth with their academic and social needs;
  • Housing Services, helping low- and moderate-income residents of Onondaga County to gain access to fair housing, rental subsidies, Home Buyer Education, and more;
  • Language Services, providing on-demand translation and interpretation services seven days per week to bridge communication gaps.

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Capital District LATINOS (CDL)

Founded in 2010, Capital District LATINOS (CDL) is a nonprofit organization that seeks to create conditions for the success of the Latino community in the Capital District. It is the only Latino-led organization in the Albany region that owns a stand-alone building where cultural, educational and health-related services are provided. In 2011, CDL became an affiliate of Acacia Network.

CDL engages with community and government partners, as well as local elected officials, in the Albany region to explore partnerships and develop initiatives that will continue to create conditions for the success of the Latino community in the Capital District. For more info, CLICK HERE!