Queens Village Committee for Mental Health for J-CAP, Inc. (J-CAP)

About J-CAP

The Queens Village Committee for Mental Health for J-CAP, Inc., also known as J-CAP (Jamaica Community Adolescents Program), was established in 1968 as a store-front outreach center for addiction information and prevention, and later evolved to include additional programs to meet the broad needs of the local community, including Residential Addiction Treatment, HIV/AIDS Treatment and Counseling, Primary Care, Career Counseling Services, and Services for Veterans, among other resources. J-CAP became an affiliate of Acacia Network in 2020.

The Queens Village Committee for Mental Health for J-CAP presently serves the community through integrated primary care, behavioral health, and addiction services at its health center, located at 116-30 Sutphin Blvd. in Queens.

Integrated Primary Care & Behavioral Health:

The Thomas and Marie White Health Center is a New York State Article 28 Diagnostic & Treatment Center, and was named after the parents of co-founder, the Honorable Thomas White Jr. Our health center provides primary medical and mental health services to adults and children.

Our integrated services include:

  • Adult and Child Wellness
  • Comprehensive Immunizations
  • Management of Chronic Conditions, such as Diabetes, Asthma, HepC, HIV, and more
  • Women’s Health
  • Outpatient Mental Health and Substance Use Services
  • HIV and HepC Testing and Care
  • COVID-19 testing, vaccines, and treatment

Our broad array of integrated, trauma-informed, and culturally responsive services are provided by an established and committed clinical and administrative care team. We also provide referral services to various specialty and ancillary services to ensure continuity of care for our patients. In addition, we work in tandem with local community-based organizations to connect patients to other non-medical or diagnostic services.

Residential Substance Use Treatment:

Our Residential Substance Use Treatment Program is fully licensed by the NYS Office of Addiction Services and Supports (OASAS), and delivers integrated, culturally-responsive care to adults suffering from addiction.

Our bilingual services include:

  • Intensive in-patient substance use treatment
  • Addiction Counseling
  • Recovery Coaching
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment
  • Weekly Toxicologies
  • Escorts to Court Appearances
  • Case Management
  • Onsite Primary Care
  • Mental Health Services
  • Vocational Counseling
  • Housing Assistance
  • Healthcare & Public Benefits Enrollment
  • Recreational Services

We offer stabilization, rehabilitation and reintegration services to help individuals achieve and maintain recovery. We accept federal, state and local parolees and probationers, and offer an alternative to incarceration & post-incarceration placements.

For more information, contact us at:
116-30 Sutphin Boulevard
Jamaica, NY 11434
Appointments (Call Center): 718-734-2539
Tel: (718) 322-2500
Fax: (718) 322-1883