Mission and Values

Acacia Network Tree

About the Acacia Tree
The Acacia is a desert tree with an impressive umbrella-shaped canopy. It is one of the ancient trees mentioned in the Old Testament, and to this day provides sustenance and shelter in the harsh and often unforgiving environment where it grows. The bark and sap of the tree are used for medicinal purposes in many parts of the world. Its roots seek out water and minerals that are well below the surface. Like the Acacia tree – Acacia Network stands in places of need, has well developed roots, and nurtures the community to reach its potential.


To partner with our communities, lead change, and promote healthy and prosperous individuals and families.


Our focus on excellence is driven by our employees’ ideas and contributions to shape and lead the organization. We strive to incorporate best practices and stimulate innovation.

The foundation of our success is the members of the Acacia family who devote their time, talent, and resources to those who entrust their care to us. We are genuine, compassionate, professional, transparent, and responsible.

Customer Service
We affirm the unique identity of those we serve, treating each with friendliness, dignity, respect, care and compassion. Our values are inherent in our desire to provide exceptional customer service.

We engender trust and provide solutions toward our common goal to lead change and provide the highest quality of integrated care. We make our ethics and values clear by living them each day, and tenaciously uphold our organizational culture that recognizes and supports the diverse strength of the Acacia Network.